Hi, what are your names and what are you doing?
Hi, my name is Leo Gamboc and this is Jonas Drechsler. We are filming Worth It project.

Can you express Worth It in four words?
Leo: Passion, bike, traveling, documentary
Jonas: Rewarding, stressful, emotional, eventful

For how long will you be filming?
We just published the tenth episode, which means we have been filming for ten weeks now and we will be filming and producing next ten more weeks or even maybe two more. So till the end of September.

What did you say your girl and parents?
Leo: My parents took it way easier, just beacause I’m 27 and it’s been on my mind for a long time to do something like this, so when to moment came, everybody just had to embrace it. But my girlfriend she basically came along at the beginning of the project she helped a lot with the part before we left home, of course. So before the travelling part and now its actually pretty hard its not about what she said in the beginning and now its about how we handeling the long distance, its not easy but its hard but I think we are actually got at it.

Jonas: „Heii Mom I going 5 months around Europe And film a MTB Documentary.“
Mom: Noo I don’t think so, you gonna do an education!!!

Did you meet with any really good and really bad surprises on the road?
Leo: Really good think are the people, who are helping us with shower and place where to stay and have a shower and sleep over. And more important is that we have a place where to edit from monday till wendesday.
Bad: There is a little obstacle between me a Jonas, because we didn’t know each other before Worth It and he is 18, I am 27, so there are differences in how we thinks see and we often argue about little shit, but we have to making it work, so we can show the people.

Jonas: Good: How easy and uncomplicated it is to have a good time with people you didn’t knew 5 minutes before. Plus bike riding connects!
Bad: That so many BMX riders don’t like MTB riders. Why?

What are the next stops?
Now we are in Poland so we gonna publish two epizodes here. Then Berlin for one more epizode, then North West of Germany for another one, two weeks in Netherlands and two more weeks in the UK. After that is a little bit opened, but we are heading south definatelly, maybe Belgium and then south of Germany. And that should be it. Maybe we will end this with epizode in Slovania and Croatia, because that is where it started riding and where this started, so it might be a good place where to finish it.

What are the main expectations of Worth It? Whad should this bring to scene?
1. A new list of locations that riders will be able to choose from for theirs next travel.
2. I hope they relize that I’m not the best rider and I’m still able to start this, just because I decided I want to do it. I found way how to do it, I found some sponzors, do whatever around foundings and whatever there work for them, should just go for it. And also 20 weeks of documentary I hope, that this is gonna be in TV and a lot of other people will find out about true passion and motivation of bike riders.

Ok, thank you, if you have something to say, do it now.
Leo: I want to say thank you Vojta for this interview, thank you for questions, thank you for following us and sharing our stops. And yeah, we will keep the bike community stoked for the next ten weeks. And if you know what we can ride, guys, or you wanna get in touch with us, send us an e-mail on dirtjumpingtour@gmail.com!

Jonas: Stop talking start doing #worthit